Personal Fashion Blogs

These days, the blogosphere is quickly expanding; many talented young people are establishing their own blogs to post interesting photos from the most recent fashion shows, personal impressions and ideas about latest trends and more cool stuff. From prodigy child Tavi Gevinson to perfect gentleman Will Boehlke, the list of the talented fashion bloggers is long and enlarging. They all come with very interesting posts about lifestyle, fashion events and latest trends.

13-year-old Tavi Gevinson is one the best examples of famous bloggers, as she proved to be a prodigy child of the fashion industry. Not only is she a very talented writer, but she also has a unique, unmistakable style that everyone in the fashion world considers a hit. Scott Schuman is another important fashion blogger who worked for important fashion houses and published his own book. He is known for his excellent photos and his unique view on fashion and trends. The London fashion expert Susana Lau writes about everything that is young and cool, also trying to discover new talents in the industry.

Unlike fashion magazines, which only show high-sky expensive ladies dresses worn by incredibly tall models, personal fashion blogs are more ‘down to earth’. The owners often illustrate their personal style, which can be very original, practical and a real example for other normal people who might need some styling tips.

Fashion blogs can be very helpful as they portray pictures of real people wearing affordable clothes and accessories. And what is most inspiring, fashion bloggers create unique looks and amazing mix-and-matches, combining vintage and modern Ladies dresses, important brands with cheap clothing pieces. The resulting outfits are a real work of art, as most bloggers put a lot of passion into what they do. If fashion magazines want to sell stuff, fashion blogs can be an alternative to consumerism.

Many bloggers have become trendsetters and received worldwide recognition, being invited as honor guests at important big designer fashion shows. Whatever your styling preferences may be, you can find it all when you read the entries of the online fashion blogs established either by talented youngsters or by experienced people who love to share their ideas with you.

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