Your New Fashion Blog Deserves a Great Name! Here Are 5 Ideas!

Let’s face it, we all want to have our own fashion blog. A personal corner, where we let our dreams run wild, a place to show our ideas to the world and to prove that our blog is the best ever!

We know exactly how our blog will look like, and, naively, what we will write in it, confident that will be no problem finding gripping content. In fact, we’re sure that we won’t be able to stop typing!

But before that, we need a name.

What can be easier than that, you ask yourself? Then, qualms begin to sneak in. Blogs are like children. We want to give them the most original names, but we’re afraid that they be mocked at school. And what if the name that you’ve been fantasising of is already taken? What if it sounds ridiculous in France or offending to religious people?

Well, you can just try “fashion blog name” into your Google or Bing, and try the numerous automatic name generators. But the names you get are “wooden”, with suggestions like “Magenta of Fun” or “Dream and Glide”. But it is your blog and that’s not good enough! Don’t despair, for I have five fantastic ideas for you. But first, we need to clear some necessary technicalities and practicalities.

You want the name that’s easily to pronounced and remembered, so that people will not have to ask their more advanced friends “how do you spell that” over the phone! Unusual names or places are difficult to spell and you may not get those eyeballs. Long and complicated names are also unadvisable for the same reason. If your blog is published on a standard website, you have more freedom, subject to your name not being taken already, but if you publish using specialized engines such as WordPress or Blogspot, then your URL will be quite heavy anyway.

So finally, to the point, here are my suggestions for the aspiring fashion blogger!

1. A smart combination of your own name. For example, Tina Tattler can become TinTan, TiplusTat. Just don’t do the naively obvious “TinasBlog”.

2. Functional name: this is my style, unpretentious and clear. Just choose an unassuming name to best describe what you want to blog about. But please check it with a few friends to avoid major embarrassments! So if knitting is your thing – go for “theknittingblog”, or the like.

3. Romantic names: you may remember that 80s pop bands’ names were based on romantic words, mostly borrowed from French, such as Visage, Depeche Mode. So, why not take a posh word or two and mangle is oh-so-very-slightly, with a hint of fashion? For example, “ultraromance” or “argententé”. Use apostrophes, accents and other continental characters, but the real heavies such as æ, ü, Ç£, etc. are better used in the next couple of naming-ideas.

4. Swedish: I love the minimalistic Swedish design sometimes even shop at Ikea – guilty! Choosing a Scandinavian name is great fun. Try some Swedish sounding words and add the weird characters mentioned above – after all Ikea does it! I could easily come-up with gems such as “bÇ£renbrülla” or “sfaönjorgen”. You can’t miss!

5. Goth: perhaps you want to catch all those closet Goths among us or maybe you’re a secret Goth yourself? Again, the use of weird characters so common with heavy metal bands is helpful. You can use Middle-English as basis with, mix it with references to metal such as “glennsheilock” and in general, play to your inner Goth.

Still can’t find a name?! It’s the borderless internet for you, girl! Why, “borderlessinternet”, actually that sounds actually like a great name for a fashion blog!

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